Archivo por días: diciembre 7, 2012 can’t be loaded: Radiohead – Live At Coachella 2012 Full Show [HD] ( Los reyes han terminado su gira mundial. Es hora de recapitular. Esperamos otra visita de los reyes. Mientras tanto os dejo el directo en HD del festival de Coachella en USA. –SET LIST– Bloom: 06:30 15 Step: 14:20 3. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi: 18:26 Morning Mr. Magpie: 24:10 Staircase: 29:18 The Gloaming: 34:00 Pyramid Song: 37:54 The Daily Mail: 43:00 Myxomatosis: 47:10 Karma Police: 51:40 Identikit: 57:06 Lotus Flower: 1:00:58 There There: 1:06:12 Bodysnatchers: 1:12:00 Idioteque: 1:16:48 Encore: Lucky: 1:23:30 Reckoner: 1:28:12 Everything In Its Right Place: 1:34:05 (With “After The Gold Rush” intro) Encore 2: Give Up the Ghost: 1:43:55 Paranoid Android: 1:49:08 Adicionalmente en Paris Bercy: Lotus Flower Bloom There There The Daily Mail Myxomatosis Bodysnatchers The Gloaming Separator I Might Be Wrong Videotape You and Whose Army? Nude Planet Telex The National Anthem Feral Paranoid Android Encore: Exit Music (for a Film) Staircase Morning Mr. Magpie Weird Fishes/Arpeggi Reckoner Encore 2: Give Up the Ghost (Johnny speech before the song in French) Everything in Its Right Place (True Love Waits intro) Idioteque

Radiohead – Live At Coachella 2012 Full Show